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do some good for the hood!

 Become a HoodStock Sponsor 

Hoodstock is more than just a music and arts festival.

 It is an event with a purpose. 

Our goal is to raise funds for environmental and arts education programs for the youth in our community. By becoming a Hoodstock Sponsor, you will help cover the costs associated with producing a festival of this size. This includes making sure our performing artists are paid and our infrastructure costs are covered, thus, maximizing what we can donate back to local nonprofits and schools. With your help we can make a truly positive impact on the future of our environment and the next generation of local artists. 

We created Hoodstock’s parent company FacePlant Events, L.L.C. in 2018 so that we could bring the community together through events and give back. Over the last six years we have been able to donate almost $30,000 to local non-profits and education programs. We give even if we don’t make a profit. We ask that local small businesses and larger corporations join us to support the cost of putting on the event by tapping into their advertising budgets or with in-kind donations. It costs roughly $30,000 to produce and promote a festival of this size and we project that in the immediate future, Hoodstock will pull thousands of people to our area to participate, which benefits and showcases our entire community. With your help, we can grow Hoodstock into something legendary.


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